Discrimination In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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The violence resulted by racism lasted for remained in U.S. society for hundreds of years, it is only a matter of physical or mental violence. Black people during the history of U.S.A. face discrimination, ridicule, verbal abusement and even physical struggles from the White people.. During the time period after WWII, the conflicts between the black population and the white population rise to a higher level due to the introduction of redlining. Many newspapers, magazines, books and videos were based off on real events happening on black people due to redlining. The book “A Raisin in the Sun” wrote by Lorraine Hansberry was a prominent figure that reveal the life of black people to everyone in the society during this time period. It is about how a poor, working class, black family(Younger family) used the insurance money from the dead father, and used it to move in the a white neighborhood called Clybourne Park and continue their life in this neighborhood.White community continue their racist view on…show more content…
If black people enter the neighborhood of white people then the rating of the neighborhood would drop and the values of the properties would decrease resulting whites to obtain extremely excluded views on blacks. Few people were thinking about if redlining was what affect the way that whites think about black, what would happen if redlining no longer appeal to the white community. The is may sounds like a great idea, but when you think about it deeply, you would find out that it is impossible because redlining control the values of the properties and houses to the white people are like their life. Whites would do anything to keep blacks from entering the neighborhood, they would do anything for it such as threaten even kill who ever enter. The Younger family will not succeed in their new life because violence against colors caused by redlining would remain in
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