Discrimination In Mithie's Wonder

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Countless types of discrimination are present in society today, however, are the authors of today portraying it correctly in their works? In the story Wonder, a young boy named Auggie with facial deformities encounters discrimination. Discrimination is the act of being stopped from doing something solely based on looks, race, social class, age, sexuality, or gender. Discrimination can come in all forms, although some question how large the issue is in order to represent discrimination accurately. The social issue of discrimination is not relayed accurately throughout Wonder. The novel lacks a true portrayal of discrimination in behalf that in public, Auggie can take part in normal activities. According to the immigration act of 1882, those…show more content…
A connection from this can be drawn to the Civil Rights movement when black people are not allowed to protest for their rights. For attending so much as a peaceful protest, many black civilians are taken into custody (Hayes 76). Conversely, Auggie tells others to leave him alone without fear of consequence. There are no repercussions for Auggie maintaining equal rights with his peers. On the contrary, people during the Civil Rights movement are not allowed to attend sit-ins or any other type of protest (Hayes 77). While black people are discriminated constantly for standing up for themselves, Auggie is never told not to stand up for himself. Julian, a bully who appears throughout Wonder, asks Auggie, “what’s the deal with your face” (Placio 29). Auggie and his friends then proceed to call out Julian and do not get in trouble for it. The fact that Auggie does not get in trouble for standing up for himself is one reason discrimination is not depicted throughout Wonder correctly. Although bullying is clearly present throughout Wonder, true discrimination is not displayed correctly. Auggie can do normal things, and no one stops him. No one stops him from doing activities that other people would regularly do. Unfortunately, discrimination and bullying are widely present around the world today. However, further research can be conducted based on how bullying is portrayed throughout Wonder. Although discrimination truly is a horrible social issue that is still present today, in multitudes of situations, bullying can be just as (or even more)
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