Discrimination In Schools Essay

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Very short, yet formal complaints

Discrimination by Executive Principal, and staff, of a MNPS High School, and through lack of oversite and/or flawed procedures, MNPS.
•Two male students, one Caucasion, one African American, both students, while responding to what they believed was another student being assaulted by an Administrator of the school, effectively assaulted this Administrator. The Caucasion student was expelled, the African American student received no disciplinary action. We believe that the Executive Principal and staff discriminated on the basis of race. Personal prejudice and MNPS policy and/or participation in School Discipline Equity through the PASSAGE (Positive and Safe Schools Advancing Greater Equity) program, initiated by the
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One student states that the Administrator was using a "choke hold" on them, while the other student states the Administrator had the other student held in a "full nelson and putting her on her face". Either method of restraint or action, could lead to serious injury to the restrained student. In addition, the male student, when questioned by guardians about the incident, indicated that the Administrator, who had been restraining the female student, began threatening him in a profane and violent manner after he was being restrained himself, by other school staff. School officials not only ignored the statements of the students, they also did not see fit to even question the students as to the events leading to their involvement. Furthermore, school officials, when questioned by guardians/caretakers of these students as to the findings of the alleged abuse by the Administrator, denied knowledge of these allegations, nor followed up with guardians after they requested an
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