Discrimination Against Gays

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1. Introduction
Gays and lesbians are in sexual orientation minorities who face daily sexual stigma in our society. Recently, crimes of violence against lesbigays are highly publicised and are registered in the political agenda. Moreover, the attitudes towards women, lesbigays and transgender people are the subject of international research in recent decades. Despite all the laws that allow homosexuals to marry, adopt children, as well as other rights, discrimination still exists. The purpose of this essay is to highlight the reasons for the existence of homophobia.

Traditionally, discriminations are based on gender, colour, religious affiliation or ethnic origin and have an intellectual and political system of discrimination established. With Homophobia – understood as a psychological consequence of a social representation which
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It has to make understand that equality of gays and lesbians is everyone's business .
- Better integrate the idea of sexual diversity and the importance of the values of equality and non-discrimination against homosexuals should be part of the training of professionals working in relation to certain citizens’ aspects of privacy .
- Finally, awareness campaigns, information and training programs relating to sexual orientation in the workplace, in social services, academia and the judiciary should also be put in place. The press, radio and television are invited to end the clichés and stereotypes based on ignorance and prejudice and to present a positive image of homosexuality .
More generally, in Europe, European authorities has been asking for 30 years, to invite member states to take steps to end discrimination and violence which homosexuals still suffer. Two EU directives and a Council decision set up a European program to evaluate the degree of tolerance towards minorities, in order to effectively combat discriminatory events in all member countries
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