Discrimination In The Workplace: Case Study

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In Australia discrimination is shown to the aboriginal people of the country the most as compared to any other individual in the country. Aboriginal people also known as indigenous people in the country; they are those groups of people who first came to the country centuries ago and they themselves find it difficult to trace their ancestors (International, 2013). They are those most commonly discriminated in the country because of their skin color, race, and they are also discriminated in the terms of the ethnicity as well. Even though Australia is the aboriginal’s native land, yet they are those individuals that are discriminated in the workplace (International, 2013). For instance even when they attend an interview session, the questions…show more content…
The survey had also confirmed that a lot of discrimination was carried out in the higher level job scope as compared to the lower level (Korff, 2015). Therefore from the context that has been gathered from all the research study and survey that has been carried out by the researcher, there is the existence of discrimination in Australia. Not forgetting if there is discrimination carried out in the workplace and the employees feel that there is unfair labor practices carried out by a particular company to its employees, the employee should voice out their opinions and if they are not taken seriously by their employers the employees should complaint to the labor office and stand for their rights as an employee in the workplace. Other than that, there were minor issues that are related to discrimination in the workplace towards the aboriginals. For example, many people call them names such as “black” or “dark” and they tend to treat it as a joke and just ignore the comments that are thrown to…show more content…
In an article, it sated that in every second of time in Australia woman who is pregnant feels discriminated by their employers which was conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission (Business Insider Australia, 2014). The type of discrimination that the pregnant ladies face are cut in their salary, not being involved in training, personal development and promotional opportunities as well (Business Insider Australia, 2014). All those discrimination that is stated is only during the pregnancy and after the lady have gave birth to her child and return to work, some ladies have gotten negative comments about their breastfeeding or even if the lady is working part time or flexible hours are being commented on and they are preferably not no work flexible hours (Business Insider Australia, 2014). That statement was proved by the commission report of supporting Working parents: pregnancy and return to work national review, in the report it was found that in the ratio of one out of two women are discriminated at workplace during their pregnancy, parental leave and on their return to work (Business Insider Australia, 2014). A commissioner named Elizabeth Broderick stated that such discrimination that is carried out in the workplace has its own cost which could affect directly to the

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