Discrimination In The Aboriginal People Of Aboriginal People In Australia

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In Australia discrimination is shown to the aboriginal people of the country the most as compared to any other individual in the country. Aboriginal people also known as indigenous people in the country; they are those groups of people who first came to the country centuries ago and they themselves find it difficult to trace their ancestors (International, 2013). They are those most commonly discriminated in the country because of their skin color, race, and they are also discriminated in the terms of the ethnicity as well. Even though Australia is the aboriginal’s native land, yet they are those individuals that are discriminated in the workplace (International, 2013). For instance even when they attend an interview session, the questions that are asked is discriminated by the employers. The discrimination that is carried out by the employer can lead to go against to protect human right as well. A study had shown that many of those who are already in the workforce are facing discrimination in all their lives (Korff, 2015). It happens very often in the workplace till the individuals actually get prone to the discrimination until they stop to react because they are to use to the behavior of the employers gives them. In the long term, eventually there are occurrences of unfair labor practices in the workplace. if an aboriginal is feeling discriminated in the workplace and do not feel that they are treated fairly by their employers, they should file a complaint to the labor
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