Discrimination In The Great Gatsby

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Today, many people witness the discrimination against one another, including the discrimination against females; though F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote “The I.O.U.” in the 1920s, many females relate to the way the men in the story treat the females. Fitzgerald created a story that focused on a publisher who aimed to publish the book “The Aristocracy of the Spirit World” knowing that the book would bring in money. Throughout the story, the publisher’s main goal is to earn as much money as he can; he even goes to such lengths as to make a man disappear for the next ten years. Though his journey to make money, he faces the problem of the character of his book being alive and the story being false. Many readers of this story, focus on the main character and money; however, they overlook the way the publisher discriminates almost all the females mentioned in the story. This unnoticed characteristic of this short story is important for the readers to understand, for it shows how the history of discrimination towards women has yet to change and how little we often notice the discrimination. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story “The I.O.U,” he creates a vision that displays women seen as overdramatic, clueless, and highly disapproved by men back in the 1920s. Largely portrayed in Fitzgerald’s short story is the idea that females are overdramatic and many argue that men still view women as overdramatic today. One of the few ways that Fitzgerald illustrates that women are over dramatic
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