Discrimination In The Holocaust

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In the 1940’s, Jewish people were captured and thrown into concentration camps against their will. Jews spent years completing hard labor and saw things that will never escape their memories. People were gassed, tortured, and some were even thrown into fires alive. During the war in Germany, over 6 million Jews were murdered by Nazi’s due to their religion. Discrimination has been a huge problem for hundreds of years and it continues to spread each and every day. People are beginning to spread awareness of this topic and certain cultures have joined together to create peace. Discrimination is a world-wide issue that we can take down with awareness and a kind, open heart. According to Merriam Webster, discrimination is “making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs.” There are many different types of discrimination that are impacting the lives of many innocent people. Age, disability, pay, genetic information, and harassment are all considered to be part of discrimination. The most common and known types include religion, race, and gender. There are many different ways that someone’s life can be impacted in an adverse way because of who they are, and who can be themselves in a world where they are constantly being treated differently? Millions of people, all different races and religions, have been judged based on skin color and what they believe in. Starting in Berlin, Germany,
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