Discrimination In The Lgbt Community

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Discrimination is excluding or discriminate others in different ways and factors affecting on it.” Discrimination can be created on many different characters such as age, gender, weight, ethnicity, religion, or even politics” Khanacedemy.org (2015) this differences lead to have what we called discrimination or outcast in today’s generation. The current state employment and discrimination laws often to provide inadequate and uneven protections for transgender people, making these laws politely unstable (Aden, 2010, Jasiunas, 200) the employment also visible and experience of what discrimination can do to each individual where the law has insufficient understanding.
Nine of ten transgender worker have reported
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According to Rappler.com, After nearly 2 decades, the bill seeking to protect the LGBT, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) community from hate crimes and discrimination has finally reached the Senate plenary (Rodriguez, 2015) there are no bill to protect the LGBT members because most of the bill failed to passed. All through Aquino 's term during the 15th Congress, numerous bills on LGBT discrimination was filed, but none of them have passed. Lack of bills or law which protect the member of LGBT can be the cause why the crimes and harassment are…show more content…
The LGBT community was hoping for the societal freedom, that through the SOGI Bill it will become true. It 's been just a year since Congresswoman Geraldine Roman, the Philippines ' first transgender lawmaker read a heartfelt speech, commending associated members of the House of Representatives to vote yes for anti-discrimination to promote gender equality. All the people in congress votes for the sogie bill to gain the equality through these bills. (Ho, 2017) In 2001, a one version of the bill was filed, and like this, it was passed on this stage— only to get hindered at the Senate level. Since then, the bill has been refilled in various versions, but each has been shelved in favor of other debates, or being halted along the way. Many Bill were passed in the congress, but not all of them are given a chance to verve the position that they want to have. (Mashable, 2017) to have a better society must have concern to everyone, the societal freedom where less violence and crimes are what all the people want to achieve and those things are not possible if everyone will participate. The SOGI bill is just the proof that it’s not too late, it will serve as a guide to be on the right path that should be taken off. The human history about the gender preferences never changes yet it still growing and boarding where the injustice are present. The other country has its own SOGI Bill
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