Discrimination In The Philippines

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Experiences, Perceptions, and Discrimination within Bisexuals
Kristel Anne Ocampo
Juli-ann L. Alonso-Balmonte

For years, the lesbian, gay, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) community in the Philippines have always make a stand for the equality and respect from our society and have been crying out for action from the government specifically for the passage of laws that will protect the rights of all people regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI). The 2011 Philippine National LGBT Conference official statement said that despite the growing tolerance towards LGBT people, acceptance is still yet to be achieved. LGBT persons in the Philippines still face violence and discrimination from the family, from civil society organizations, from medical and health institutions, in schools, in employment and from the government. They have been kicked out of their homes. They have been bullied at school. They have been denied basic privileges at work. They have been barred from establishments and ridiculed in public places. They have been denied the opportunity to participate in legislation. All these they experience because they do not conform to gender norms dictated by society, a society that is a witness to the worsening situation of violence against our ranks.

According to GlobalNation Inquirer the Philippines has earned its ranking as one of few gay-friendly countries in the world of the 39 countries covered by a global survey, only 17 countries had
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