The Role Of Racism In Today's Society

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Jane Elliott has constructed a study to simulate racism throughout today’s society. The study included volunteers of many nationalities and gender. Instead of ranking people by skin color, the study ranked subjects/volunteers by eye color to simulate discrimination in society. Typically people with brown eyes are seen as a minority in society so throughout the study, brown eyes were the superior group.
When the subjects are ranked in a vertical pattern as in a hierarchy as superior or inferior they are experiencing social stratification. Social differentiation is categorizing people by their appearance. The study demonstrated a real life simulation of racism in today’s society. When a minority is feeling powerlessness, they are experiencing
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Typically brown eyed people are of different ethnic categories not pertaining to white. The separation and implication of brown eyes can be seen as xeno-racism Michael Lavalette found through his study “that most people are not racist but lack appropriate awareness of cultural differences” that tend to lead to discrimination within society. Xeno-racism is not based purely on skin color it also considered cultural differences and even accounts for the different beliefs of an individual. As the study continued, the brown eyed group became more and more uncomfortable being more assertive and demanding towards the blue eyed subjects. The blue eyed subjects who tried to stand up for themselves in the study were immediately put down and shown that they had no control over where they could sit and were to not make a sound. After the subjects in a study see how discrimination works in relationship to eye color, they find that discrimination is not an acceptable way to function in society, whether it is eye color or if it is skin color the person is the same…show more content…
When reflecting on the study, many of the brown eyed subjects felt uncomfortable asserting power over the blue eyes subjects. Even the volunteers that were of minority ethnic groups felt that the way they were treating the blue eyed group was harsh and some even said they were not going to continue the behavior. Throughout the social work profession, I feel that each and every person should have to go through this type of study or have to watch the studies outcomes because of the impact and point of view changes after seeing the study. Much like this study showed, Lavaette also explored the idea that if society learned about others cultures it will reduce prejudice and discrimination throughout society. Prejudice and discrimination are an idea built into one’s mind that in turn create the physical boundaries that have been so detrimental to society. “It is hard to overcome stereotyping and discrimination when these illusions are hard-wired into our minds due to our everyday
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