Theme Of Discrimination In Ben-Hur

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You cannot read this essay, because you are too young. You must be athletic, because you are African-American. You must be good at math, because you are Asian. We often face prejudice, and discrimination from inappropriate stereotypes. Although most discrimination can be terminated using various, extreme means, one type of discrimination cannot be abolished. Discrimination based on beliefs, especially religious beliefs, cannot be stopped because there is no way to delete the idea that has been implanted to one’s brain. Movie “Ben-Hur,” a 1959 film directed by William Wyler clearly illustrates how discrimination built on religious belief is one of the most long-lasting inequity in our history. The movie is based on the time of the new testament, when Jesus Christ was born and raised in the roman empire. Ben-Hur, a wealthy Christian of Jerusalem, is the protagonist of the movie. Ben-Hur struggles through discrimination from class, religion, and political belief in the movie. The story starts with Messala, an old friend of Ben-Hur, returning to the town by becoming the tribune. Messala forces…show more content…
Since most countries guarantee basic human rights and freedom of religion, people around the world have rights to believe whatever they want, without caring about what others think about it. nonetheless, there are still places, such as North Korea or middle east, that obligate certain religion to citizens. But for the most part, religious discrimination is not prominent as it was in “Ben-Hur.” Discrimination based on class has also ended throughout the time. slavery has been abolished in the 19th century, which basically ended the inequality based on class. Finally, modern medical treatment has developed injections and pills to perfectly cure and prevent leprosy. Thus, prejudices on leprosy has
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