Discrimination Is Dehumanized

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Discrimination against people of all ages normally ends badly. Whether you discriminate against an LGBT person or a person of color, it’s not good. Discrimination is dehumanizing, a sign of arrogance, and human rights are completely ignored. We are all humans, and we are all very different. When somebody uses words to hurt you over something you can’t control, most people, including myself don’t feel as if they are important to the human race. As a result, people are dehumanized because of this. Causing emotional pain to someone else for your own enjoyment is extremely bad. If this behavior becomes repetitive towards one person, it could end very badly. The person who is doing the bullying could be physically hurt from backlash from the other…show more content…
Some people discriminate against things that they don’t understand. Saying things like “Gay marriage is wrong” when you are straight is like getting upset that the person in front of you didn’t order the same sub as you at Subway. It doesn’t apply to you in any way whatsoever, and if gay marriage is legalized where you live, the only the thing that will happen is that people of the same sex will get married. The skies will not break, your marriage will not be ruined. Human rights state "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights". It also says “People of every color, from every race and ethnic group; whether or not they have disabilities; citizens or migrants; no matter their sex, their class, their caste, their creed, their age or sexual orientation will be treated equally”. Ignoring this is destroying the things that you follow. You are treated with human rights, and if anybody else around you is, in fact a human, they deserve to be treated the same as you. Discrimination is dehumanizing, a sign of arrogance, and human rights are completely ignored. As a result of all these things, Discrimination should be outlawed and be a punishable act. Take LGBT people, for instance. LGBT citizens are 3X more likely to take their own lives compared to the general population. This is most likely due to the amount of discrimination and homophobic people there are and are getting away with it. 80% of homophobic bullying happens at school, and most every child is required to go to

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