Discrimination In Korea Essay

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People in Korea discriminate non-white people even though South Korea has become multi-cultural society because of non-white. Rate of international marriages, multi-cultural families, and migrant workers is increase higher and higher. Most of people who came to Korea for marriage or work are non-white people but people in Korea still have bad stereotypes and discriminate them. A middle-aged man hurled abuse at a professor from India in a bus because he is an Indian. He shouted and insulted to him and forced him to get off a bus. A woman tried to dissuade the middle-aged man from stopping the rude word but he did not stop. The professor accused him and people were very surprised at this shocking event. People were also very surprised that the Indian man accused the middle-aged man. Koreans not only have stereotypes about non-white but also have a delusion that having stereotypes about them is trifling and natural.
Discrimination is because of prejudice that country of non-white are poorer than country of white. Money is very important in Korea because they have suffered from money for a long time. So toadyism
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Meaza Eshetu from Ethiopia was refused to hire because she is African American though she majored English literature in a college and has a public license about teaching English. Even she cannot interview because the hagwon that he apply rejected him by evaluating his application. A reporter who reported racial discrimination in hagwon asked why they avoid hiring African American teacher. “Students might be scared of black teachers. Parents of student also do not like them. Parents often doubt their professionalism.” White eyes may seem float on air because their skin color is black. A person who works in the hagwon answered like this. People were very shocked by an article about John. Experts said it is a very serious problem but still many hagwons prefer white teacher to non-white
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