Discrimination Of Women In The 1930s Essay

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During the 1930s it was a very difficult time for everyone. Many women who did not have a job were in a way forced to find a job because their husbands were laid off or suffered from a wage-cuts and couldn't support their families financially(). In other situations, men just walk out on their families and left the mother with no support.() Women in the 1930s were supposed to be home stayed moms; basically, that was staying at home taking care of the children, maintaining a good home, dress well for their husbands, cook, and set the table attractively.() For many women that were not a choice, they could have. Women had to set a foot outside and find a job because they knew that they had to help their husbands some way to pay bills and to maintain their homes. According to the 1930 Census, almost eleven million women were gainfully employed (Women in the Work Forced ). Despite the increase of employment women faced discrimination in the workforce such as…show more content…
Widows had a hard time keeping their families together and support them while still maintaining the proper role of a woman in the time.Some women decided to stay single during this time because it was easier to not start a family and some decided to focus more on their education. In order to be equal to a man who graduated from elementary school, a women had to get a full education.()No matter if women were good at their jobs and work as hard as a man they wouldn't get paid about half compares to a man.() If they were involved with either their careers or jobs; the more disadvantages they faced was because of their gender.Instead of viewing women as a helping hand, they were viewed as a threat because of the typical stereotype of American men had in families. The discriminations put upon women were shallow in way because they did not go into the workforce to compete with the men, but to save their family from
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