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The definition of discrimination is observing people’s or a groups’ dissimilarities, holding main differences against these people or groups and making them exposed to judge and sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination in cultures can’t be eliminated without changing the culture itself.Like Charlotte Bunch 's quote "Sexual, racial, gender violance and other forms of dicrimination in culture can not be eliminated without changing culture." As I stated in its description, discrimination is the experience of bias which people can’t change and can’t choose. In our lives, women are unfortunately all being exposed to discrimination due to their gender. Simply being a man or a woman is changing the way that how a person is being treated by society and sadly, most of the time, the difference is extreme.…show more content…
Studies show that these genders are equal in the court and also in the face of ruler. "At every step of their life in the law, the women judges interviewed broke new ground. Their successes created new norms that established women 's entry into the highest levels of the legal profession (?)." Some studies about the relation between the law and the women show that women are breaking sexual discrimination problems in male dominated business life and social life but on the other hand there are far more studies in the contrary, which assume that laws to decrease sexual discrimination can make a progress only till a certain point. Women gained many laws about business life with their success, but even today, they are mostly being pushed by men. Being dominant in life, gave men the idea that women can’t be effective on business field and in social life. Women keep capturing a legal bundle of rights, but their hopes and dreams are still not absolutely fulfilled. As it was said before, laws can protect women for a while, but it will never be in necessary

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