Discuss The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bureaucracy

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1. Introduction
Bureaucracy is the administrative structure and a set of regulations established to control activities, generally in large organizations and government (Dimock, 1959). This concept has a long historical background both in Europe and in Asia. The term "bureaucracy" is generated from "bureau" and has been in use since the early 18th century in Western Europe to refer to an office, i.e., a place of work. The term bureaucracy came into use just before the French Revolution in 1789 and from there onwards rapidly spread throughout the world (Albrow, 1970).
Political scientists, sociologists, management professionals and economists have involved in studies on bureaucracy extensively. Political scientists consider bureaucracy as administration of the state and
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• Appointments to posts are made based on technical competence.
• Maintain formal documentation related to decisions taken.
• All employees understand the goals and expectations of the organization, leading to a stable working environment.
• Encourages specialization of tasks.
• Each division/unit maintains its own unique identity while working under similar sets of rules and regulations.

3. Disadvantages of Bureaucracy
Main disadvantages of bureaucracy include:
• The rigid structure found in bureaucratic systems can discourage innovation and creativity among staff.
• Emphasis on control can prompt rigidity of behaviour and defensive routines.
• Bureaucratic systems are mostly rule-driven and may not be always democratic.

4. Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy
Max Weber, a German political economist and sociologist was an eminent professor of economics. His most famous work was in the areas related to economic sociology, political sociology and sociology of religion. He published a number of research papers on law, focusing on social, political and economic factors, prevalent during his time. Weber developed his theory of bureaucracy on its structural
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