Disadvantages Of Day Nurseries

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Day Nurseries: A day nursery is a childcare centre that looks after children from birth to five years. Staff at day nurseries are trained to develop a stimulating environment that will help children to thrive, whilst developing and learning. They will help children learn, using a curriculum specially designed for children under five. Day nurseries cater for parents with full-time or part-time jobs. Most nurseries are open all year round, except bank holidays and Christmas. Residential Care Residential Care for Children is also known as a â€oeChildren’s Home― Children’s homes are there ensure that the needs of children are met when there is a prevention that stops them from living with their own family. They are there to help children…show more content…
Advantages and Disadvantages of child care establishments: Advantages Building relationships in a childcare setting: Some researchers conclude that children can highly benefit from experiences of non-parental care, as long as the care is of good quality and provides the opportunity to develop a variety of positive relationships. To ensure that care environments are running appropriately, adult and child ratios in child care must be kept compliant with the child ratio legislations. Childcare structure: Children who attend child day care, experience the structures of which the establishment delivers. Children will be exposed to a new daily routine, and he routine may involve different activities for them to take part in. When a child experiences structure, a child feels more secure, and with security, becomes a good mental focus, and therefore encourages children to learn and progress. Negative behaviours are also less likely to occur when a child is in a structured environment, as their minds are kept busy and each child feels stimulated. This amongst good relationships helps…show more content…
The development of social skills: High quality care gives a child the strong persuasion to socialise with other children and care workers. Child care establishments should focus on helping the child develop socially, and encourage children to take part in group activities. Social development brings confidence, and with confidence, a child feels secure in the environment. Children have more opportunity to develop socially in a day care environment, and again, this shows good practice of a child care setting. Diet Due to financial difficulties, children and families may not be able to afford healthy meals that a child very much needs. Some families have to settle for what they can afford, and this may be cheaper, artificial foods. When a child is present in a day care setting, meals are provided and in line with the relevant legislations, these establishments have to provide nutritional value. In this case, child care settings also show a positive factor. Disadvantages: Weaker parental attachment Some children who spend time in day care experience a weaker parental attachment because of it. Sometimes, when children spend more time in the care of someone other than their mothers,

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