Discuss The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mission Statement

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Mission statement defines as the foundation of that organisation which is related to employer, employee, stakeholder, customer and public. It describe what is organisation, how it operate, why it produce the product, how it is operate and manage in business sector. Mission statement is also defined as identify the suitable product and service for costumer in that place where organisation is operate. Therefore, mission statement is a foundation of strategy, plans, work, and management to identify the direction of goal. According to Mary Morel," A mission statement describes the core purpose of your business, your value and approach. It focuses on what benefit you offering you customer or client."(Promote your business, Mary morel, 2003, p.4)

We categorized two different types of mission statement. They are narrow mission and broad mission. Narrow mission is state the clear mission but it is restrict in some terms like product and service offered, technology used in organisation, market served and opportunities in market. But broad mission has wider mission value in terms of service offered, product, and technology etc. Every successful organisation has effective mission statement. If we want successful running organisation then we should make effective mission statement. Without effective mission statement, we cannot
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Therefore, mission statement states the aim of company, which is very important for its vision. The aim of both statements is to achieve the major goals of organisations. Another benefit of the mission statement to business also helps to visible strategic plan and it play vital rote for guiding and communicate in the company or organisation. When the management level changes the mission statement, they need to tell their employee how to achieve the goals. Due to this conversation between managerial level, employee and stakeholder, There is chance of minimize conflict between

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