Discuss The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Articles Of Confederation

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The United States Constitution overcame the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and provided for the organization of the new government. After the American Revolutionary War in America, the colonists needed a government so nobody could take away their power. The Articles Of Confederation was the first attempt of American Government and it had advantages and disadvantages. The constitutional convention helped solve some of the Articles problems but there were still major issues and problems that needed resolving. People also had different opinions on whether or not the Constitution should be ratified or not.The process the Constitution went through to be ratified was a lengthy and a long process that took attempts and revisions.
The Articles Of Confederation was the first Constitution of the newly formed United States. Under the articles, people could negotiate for foreign trade and establish postal services. They could also create roads and establish national defence. And finally they
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This debate was resolved with the Three Fifths Compromise. The Three Fifths Compromise stated that a slave would count as three fifths of a free person. However, this entire compromise was overturned in 1865 because slavery became illegal. One last debate that was solved was what groups should be allowed to vote. In a Representative Government people would vote for representatives to represent them in Congress. In an Electoral College each state chooses Electors and the number of Electors per state is equal to the combined number of representatives. Usually Electors decide based on the popular vote but sometimes they do not. The Constitutional Convention solved many debates involving the articles, but they still had many problems that needed fixed. So, a new Constitution was created that would fix problems that the Articles Of Confederation. It needed to be ratified to go into
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