Benefits Of Self-Managed Learning

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1.3 Evaluate the benefits of self-managed learning to the individual and organisation.
Self-managed learning is beneficial for both the individual an organisation. Following are the benefits of self-managed learning for individual and organisation:
• Self managed learning provided by an organisation helps an individual to be more independent and confident both personally and professionally.
• Coaching and mentoring helps in recognizing individual strengths and weakness.
• It helps in improving the interpersonal skills and also helps in maintaining the good relationships with the colleagues of an organisation.
• Attending conferences and seminars helps in developing the communication and presentation skills which is very essential to survive
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2.3 identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined needs.
Current needs: I am an immediate learner I recognize that my current intensity is to do whatever it takes to respect the individual differences, acceptance and implementation of multi-cultural environment etc. I found that it is very essential for me to develop some current skills such as strategic planning, leading people, inspirational commitment, personal development, construction and re-establishment of relationships, participative management etc.
Future needs: it is very essential for me to take my personal development to higher level of understanding and consideration. In broad term we all are aware about the skills that are essential and required for the accomplishment of targeted objective and to achieve the organisations success. To make an organisation successful various tings are essential such as strategic planning, managing change, development of employees, leading people, inspiring commitment, decisiveness, balancing personal and professional life etc.
2.4 devise a personal and professional development plan based on identified
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Planning can help in sketching the process that is required to be carried out to achieve the organisational goals and objectives. Development of proper planning helps in the development of an organization. The process in which an individual illustrate a diagram to know where they are and where are they directing towards in future viewpoint personally and professionally can be defined as personal development plan. The personal and professional development plan which I have formulated consists of both the short and long term plan. For short term plan, I have designed to start organizing my daily activities which will assist me in improving my managerial skill associated to my personal life. For long term plan, I have considered in developing my managerial skills which is a long process which will help me to connect to my professional
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