Discuss The Causes Of The American Revolution

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A major social cause of the American Revolution was when the Revolutionaries tried to control who was running the government because they felt as though their means were not being met. For instance, when the liberalist tried to move the localist out of power. In the reading, “Democracy and the Constitution” by Gordon S. Wood, he states, “The Progressive period, for example, was marked by the reforming efforts of cosmopolitan type…to wrestle the reins of the government out of the hands of “corrupt” and “undesirable” localist elements.” Here, it shows that the Revolutionaries are trying to change the government and who is a part of the government. A political cause of the American Revolution was when the people rebelled against the taxes that the government was trying to push on them. For example, when the farmers rebelled against the Whiskey Tax. In the reading, “A People’s History of the United States”, by Howard Zinn, he states, “One of these tax laws was the Whiskey Tax, which especially hurt small farmers who raised grain…the farmers of…show more content…
For example, when the states monopolies put the taxes in the materials. In the notes from class, it states, “British East Indian Company who made the tea tariffs, taxes and etc.” Here, it shows how the economic aspect because they to raise the taxes on the revolutionaries. A cultural cause of the American Revolution was that the revolutionaries felt like their rights were not being upheld. For example, when he revolutionaries felt like the constitution was not for them. Zinn states, “As many as half the people were not even considered by the Founding Fathers …they were absent in the constitution, they were invisible in the new political democracy. They were the women of early America.” Hence, this shows how the culture of not being noticed by the political power ultimately mad the people revolt for their
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