Discuss The Consequences Of War In The Poem Disabled By Wilfred Owen

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Explore the ways in which the poets explore the consequences of war in two poems you have studied The poem "Disabled" by Wilfred Owen shows us that the consequences of war can be life changing, takes one of the most of the most important things to someone, hope and war can take valuable things from someone without them expecting it, whereas Tony Harrison’s poem "The bright lights of Sarajevo" conveys the idea that the consequences of war does not just affect the life of the people, but also the wider community. We can see from the poem that the character loses a lot more than he expected during the course of the war. For example, the line (6)"Till gathering sleep had mothered them from him," implies that because he has not had enough sleep, he has had something taken away from him. The reader may feel empathy for the man because the poet uses very emotive language throughout the poem to describe the time after he comes back from the war. The phrase "gathering sleep," suggest that he enjoys the sounds of happy children, but his tiredness takes the away from him as drifts off into sleep. In addition, the use of the word "mothered" makes the action of taking something feel very gentle, natural and not a violent action. This is similar to the quote "Tonight he noticed the women eye 's / passed from him to the strong men that were whole,” as it is describing the women taking no notice of him but admiring the strong whole (uninjured) man. This is significant because one
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