Discuss The Importance Of Community In Frederick Douglass

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Frederick Douglass Final Frederick Douglass demonstrates the importance of community and building bonds and trust. The slave community was unbreakable, they would do anything to help another slave. “That night I fell in with Sandy Jenkins, a slave with whom I was somewhat acquainted. . . I must go with him into another part of the woods where there was a certain root, which if I would take some of it with me, carrying it always on my right side, would render it impossible for Mr. Covey, or any white man to whip me”(Douglass, 80). By giving Frederick the root and sharing his advice with him, Sandy has shown the importance of community. Sandy barely knew Frederick yet he showed Frederick the root to help him with Mr. Covey’s punishments. Another …show more content…

When Frederick’s old master, Captain Anthony, died all of his property was split among his son and daughter. “After the valuation, then came the division. I have no language to express the high excitement and deep anxiety which were felt among us poor slaves during this time. . . A single word from the white men was enough-against all our wishes, prayers, and entreaties-to sunder forever the dearest friends, dearest kindred, and strongest ties known to human beings” (Douglass, 59). By splitting up families and friends, the slaveholders were making sure that the slaves didn’t have any family nor friends to create a bond with. They would separate families when the children are born, and move the mother to a different plantation to try and stop the slaves to have bonds. But, when Frederick went to live with Mr. Freeland, he created bonds with the other slaves. “I therefore resolved that 1835 should not pass without witnessing an attempt, on my part, to secure my liberty. But I was not willing to cherish this determination alone. My fellow slaves were dear to me”(Douglass, 91). Fredericks bond with these slaves were so strong that when he thought about escaping, he thought about not leaving because of the other slaves. But instead, he decides to talk to the other slaves and try to escape

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