Discuss The Importance Of Effective Communication In Management

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Importance of effective communication in management as an entrepreneur STUDENT NAME: KEVIN JOSHUA KAWILARANG (2223792) LECTURER: RATNA DUE DATE: 17.00 1.0 Executive Summary This report will discuss the importance of effective communication in management as an entrepreneur. 2.0 Table of Content Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 2 3.0 Introduction: 2 4.1 How to communicate effectively 3 4.2 Communicating effectively in workplace 3 5.0 Benefits of effective communication 3 5.1 Improve teamwork 3 5.2 Decision making skill 4 5.3 Problem solving skill 4 6.0 conclusion 4 7.0 List of Reference 4 3.0 Introduction: . Cambridge dictionary describes entrepreneur as ‘someone who starts their own business, especially…show more content…
It also shows that employee need to know clearly what is expected for them to perform in their work. “You can tie back almost every employee issue from attendance, morale, performance, and productivity to communication," says Fred Holloway, an HR adviser in Medford, Oregon. According to Towers Watson research, company that communicate effectively are far more superior to company that doesn’t report high level of employee communication. A good entrepreneur should have the ability to properly communicate with their staff, in order to foster healthy communication in the company. Being honest and respectful also essential in making the workplace a healthier environment. Staff will trust us if we are honest and respect them, on the other hand if we don’t respect them, we will have a difficult time communicating our message. To create a better office environment, we can start by creating a good culture, which involves being transparent and straightforward about the problems that affects the business and even about our company financial state. That culture of being transparent and straightforward will stimulate trust and understanding to the…show more content…
Lack of communication skill can lead to conflict within the workplace, therefore will cause unhealthy work environment. Teamwork is essential especially in new businesses because it helps us to achieve our goals by making our task more efficient and helps us to increase our productivity. Proper communication is the key elements in making a good teamwork. A team without proper communication will have many problems in their work, because they can’t perform effectively. A good way to start improving teamwork in workplace is by interacting with other teammates. In addition, interacting with other teammates makes us understand their strengths and weaknesses, which will help us to perform more efficiently. (George N. Root

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