Discuss The Role Of Genetic Engineering In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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When Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, she created a new world of possibilities. Through her own ideas, that were expressed in her book, she created a domino effect on other people to stretch what was considered possible at the time. By having Victor create life, lead to others wanting to see how they could push boundaries. Frankenstein, you could say, was the baby step towards the future of science. Through imagination, Mary Shelley filled people with new ideas that lead to our present day science. One, of which, is genetic engineering. By exploring the ideas Mary Shelley, one could say that she played a major role in the beginning of genetic engineering.
What exactly is genetic engineering? “Genetic engineering refers to the direct manipulation of DNA to alter an organism’s characteristics (phenotype) in a particular way”(YourGenome 1). So basically, it’s the act of physically changing a molecule by giving or taking away a certain trait. The reason why scientists use genetic engineering is to make a
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What does the future hold for genetic engineering? Imagine living in a world with no disease, no disabilities, and nothing that holds back a person. “Humans who have had their DNA genetically modified could exist within two years” (Knapton). That means any birth defects that have to do with the genes can be fixed. People could quite literary design the “perfect child”. But the possibilities don’t stop there. Adults with cancer could be cured in the blink of an eye. We could live in a world that has an abundant food supply through genetically modified food. Who do we have to thank for all of this, Mary Shelley is one of the geniuses who helped. Through Frankenstein, she indirectly lead to the modern age of science that we live in. Even though Frankenstein is considered to be an older book, I still believe that there are lessons in it that we ,as a society, need to continue to learn
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