Discuss The Role Of Marin In Edna's Ruthie

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Every girl or woman can dream, some dream of living alone traveling the world, others dream if living with a loving husband and children running around them. in chapter 11, "Marin," Marin also had a dream. her dream was to marry a rich man who would spoil her with wealth but also who loves her. According to the role women have, this is very unlikely to happen. In chapter 26, "Edna 's Ruthie," we have Ruthie, who can prove a dream like Marin 's might possibly not end as happily as expected. Ruthie married a rich man who said he loved her, but one day he took her to her mother 's house. He said he would return in a week, but he never did. That really destroyed Ruthie. She had a lot of job offers that could have given her a good house with
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