Discuss The Ways In Which Immigration Policy Is Central To B-Ordering Society

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1. Critically discuss the ways in which immigration policy is central to b/ordering society. Immigration policies are laws implemented by states that control the crossing of persons across borders. These policies can range from allowing generous diffusion of bodies to complete blockage of transfer. Immigration policies are then central to bordering and ordering society because they are the written rules of legal migration. However, these policies, like laws in general, are interpreted differently depending on who you are. Immigration policies affect people differently based on their socioeconomic status, race, nationality, education, and purpose in crossing borders (Nick Vaughan-Williams, 2009). Policies are implemented to keep certain people out by enforcing imaginary borders of different strengths, but it is also used to order society by keeping a close eye on people through careful documentation such as passports and visas. I will be focusing mainly on migrant workers and how policies changed in response to them, and also explaining how extensive paperwork to enter a country is a method in which immigration policy orders society within the borders, examples mainly concerning the United States. It is important to have immigration policies as a form of protection, as states would argue. They are there to ensure the safety of…show more content…
Immigration policies do not only work to control the flow of people, but they are also used to order natives by keeping extensive records of their travels and making it difficult for people to leave. Did you know that should an American citizen move to Switzerland, they will still have to pay American taxes? Even if they gain Swiss citizenship, they will always pay American taxes. This is an example of how the United States would discourage American born citizens from leaving, by making it inconvenient and annoying to settle

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