Discussion Of Religion In David Foster's Good People

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In the short story “good people” author David foster demonstrate that religion believe can have an impact on our life , and some people may take it as a consideration in their life , because they believe in things they think is the right thing to do they take religion as the way of getting away with it.
The short story starts with lane and Sheri at a picnic table at a park by the lake, and sitting on the right side under downed trees it shallows half hidden by the bank. The downed tree is conceded as the tree of the mood to the sad or dark ,in the story, it doesn’t show for how long,
Sheri and lane they were sitting under the downed because half of their face were shadow to make it seem that they were sitting in the park for a long
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The narrator is only concentrated on lane more they concentrate on Sheri’s feeling in the story because he includes his thought and feeling a lot. “Sometimes when alone and thinking or struggle to turn matters over to Jesus Christ in prayer, he would find himself…” (Wallace 254),
“he almost could visualize himself tiptoeing past something explosive.” There since we learned that Lane and his opinion especially when Sheri described. Because the narrator only realize lane’s problems and feeling it and has nothing about Sheri thought or feeling. Otherwise, this short story was written in the past tense, and there is some flashback. “Two days before…,
“sometimes when they prayed…”.the flashback make the reader know more about the character of the story, because it’s a dramatic and it make it more interesting to the reader and speed in the reading to know the end of the story , because in this story Sheri went through a lot of things, but as you read you will know that Sheri is a strong girl and she can get through this more than lane, he doesn’t know what to do through the whole story he was confuse and he can’t take any Samaan 3

decision about his life even with his love with
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