Discussion Questions For The Book Thief By Elie Wiesel

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1. In my opinion, I like how death is the main character. I also like how he tells the story, and how he talks about his experiences. Death gives the impression of a caregiver, rather than a taker of souls. It is stated, multiple times, how he gently carries the souls of people, which is different from humanity’s view of him. Death, in World War II, has become very busy with his job of collecting souls. It shows lots of people have recently died. I think it adds a subtle detail to the story. 2. A) Liesel was beautiful, when she read to the people in the basement, and to Max. She was also beautiful when she gave Max bread in the Nazi parade, and got whipped. She was ugly, when she was mean to Rudy, who wanted a kiss. She also was mean to Mrs. Hermann, who wanted to be nice to Liesel, by stealing from her. B)…show more content…
She is ugly because she can be rude to other people, even her family. Hans Hubermann was beautiful, because he was a good role model for Liesel, and a loving father. He also gave food to Jews, and sheltered Max Vandenburg. He was ugly, because he would get into arguments with his son, who wanted him to join the Nazi party. C) Max Vandenburg is beautiful, because after Liesel took care of him, he took care of her. He also helped her realize how words could save or harm people. He was ugly, when he looked out the window, which could have gotten him caught. D) Rudy was beautiful, because he was nice to Liesel. He also helped Liesel and supported her throughout the book. He was the first person she met, and was her first friend. He was ugly, because he was rude to other people, and he also stole the largest potato from the
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