Discussion Questions For The Crucible

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How long is the running time of the play?
Where and when did the “witch trials” take place?
Who is the black slave that a collection of girls from the colony fall victim to in a forest?
Who is the ringleader of the girls?
What is Proctor’s guilty secret?
What transformation does Hale have as the play progresses?
Do Salem-like witch hunts still happen in the world today?
What are the major themes of the play?
Who was the first to be tried in the REAL Salem witch trials? Was this person found guilty or not guilty?
According to the packet, what is the definition of “crucible”
What was Arthur Miller one of the original founders of?
According to the packet, what is “Puritanism”?
How old was the REAL Abigail Williams and the REAL John Proctor?
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