Discussion Questions On President Ronald Reagan's Vice President

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1. Who is the President now?
2. What number President was Abraham Lincoln?
3. In what year was Lincoln assassinated?
4. Which political party was George Washington a member of?
5. Who was Ronald Reagan 's Vice President?
6. Who became President after Ronald Reagan?
7. How many Vice Presidents later became Presidents?
8. Which President died of pneumonia while in office?
9. How many Presidents were assassinated while in office?
10. Which President resigned his position?
11. Who was the last President to belong to the Whig party?
12. Who was the first President?
13. Who became President after John F. Kennedy was assassinated?
14. Who became President in 1801?
15. Which political party was Bill Clinton a member of?
16. How many times in history did the US have no Vice President?
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Which President belonged to the Federalist party?
18. Which President served the longest? (12 years)
19. Which President died of a heart attack while in office?
20. What year did the first President take
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