Disease Prevention Themes

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Health promotion as well as disease prevention are the main themes in the healthcare sector and general medicine. Though efforts have been concentrated on the young and mothers, there is a need to have an all inclusive approach if healthcare is to achieve the intended goals. With the increase in prevalence of chronic and multiple chronic illnesses, promotion of health and disease prevention approach is the only promise to reduce the incidence and prevalence of diseases. However, it is important to understand the various health concerns that are within the different age groups. In order to distinguish between the various healthcare requirements in these age groups, there are various theories that can be used. To break down these requirements…show more content…
Though relatively healthy, they are at risk of unplanned pregnancies, homelessness, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and accidents among others • This group understands life and its dynamics therefore not moved by temporary changes. • They are relative conscious of health status which promotes maintenance of healthy lifestyles. They are also able to adapt to change while at the same time coping with parenthood responsibilities. Emerging health needs • With the changes in living standards and education levels, many are living more open lives where living conditions are not specified. This can lead to disease exposure. • On the other hand, the changes also increase ethnic diversity which can expose them to genetic conditions. • This group is not financially stable and faces the challenge of inability to have quality healthcare services. • In most cases, they require the consent of parents or guardians to access or make decisions regarding personal health. • With the increase in technology and advancement in health studies, this group has better access to high quality…show more content…
• Bad choice of role models can also have negative effects to their health. • This group is not easily moved by peers and is able to make informed or wise decisions that can affect their health. • Considering their relationships are based on maturity, they are likely to get good advice regarding health choices. Health interventions • Through government interventions, the adolescents have access to various health promotions available at government health facilities. • Greatly in control of various aspects of life and will gravitate towards healthy living which can be obtained through choices such as being vegetarians, abandoning various foods or taking herbal choices. Medical technology • As mentioned in emerging health trends, this group highly relies on parents or guardians and with many included in guardians heath insurance only a small number is likely to have access to specialized medical technology. • With majority in this group having financial capacity and well aware of the importance of healthcare insurance, they are positioned to have access to the best in medical

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