Causes Of Water Pollution Essay

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Diseases Caused By Water Pollution Keyword: diseases caused by water pollution Water is essential to human life. Your body needs water for hydration and to facilitate various functions of the body such as digestion, metabolism, and elimination of waste. However, one of the biggest problems of mankind today is the poor quality of water in many parts of the world. There are many diseases caused by water pollution. These include gastrointestinal diseases, reproductive problems, neurological disorders, and even cancer. Anyone can be affected, but babies, young children, elderly individuals, and pregnant women, especially those who have weakened immune systems, are susceptible to illnesses from various water contaminants. Part 1: Diseases Caused By Water Pollution 1. Amoebiasis (Traveller’s Diarrhea) One of the most common diseases…show more content…
Mosquitos breed in water, and when they bite a person infected with malaria, they can spread the infection to other people. Symptoms of malaria include fever, headache and shivering. In severe cases, it can even lead to complications like pneumonia, severe anemia, coma and death. To prevent breeding of mosquitos and malaria, pooled water must be eliminated. You can also use mosquito nets and pesticides and practice good sanitation. 8. Polyomavirus infection Polyomavirus are tumor viruses that affect animals and humans. They are often acquired in childhood and persist as infections in hosts without causing disease, but can lead to development of tumors in hosts with weak immune systems. Polyomavirus infection is caused by two types of viruses BK and JC virus, which can be transmitted through different routes, including food and water (fecal-oral route), sexual contact, through air, surfaces, blood, etc. Many people (up to 80%) have antibodies to these viruses. Prevention includes good hygiene and sanitation. 9. Poliomyelitis (infantile

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