Disenfranchisement Should Be Abolished Essay

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Felony Disenfranchise laws have taken away the right to vote for people who have been convicted of a felony, currently or previous. Some communities’ political voices are not being heard. Most states, with the exception of tow, Maine, and Vermont, have enacted laws that do not allow incarcerated inmates to vote. While other states permanently ban felons from ever voting again, even after completing parole, probation and paying fines. Maine and Vermont are the only two states that allow incarcerated prisoners to vote, while in other states, once you complete parole or probation your right to vote is automatically restored. In western countries, felony disenfranchisement has been around since ancient Greece and was used as punishment for some…show more content…
Both of these reasons can save money for the institution.
Support fact: In a study done by Stanford law Professor A. Mitchell Polinsky, when prisoners were rewarded by reducing their sentence or having part of their sentence converted into parole, an early release will save money. The United States spends $80 billion per year and another approximately $30,000 per year to incarcerate someone. Having a reward system in place for good behavior benefits states because the time a person spends in prison is reduced, which will lower prison costs. When Polinsky did a study of Ohio, the average cost was anywhere from $62.00 to $149.00 a day, depending on the security of the prison. This cost can be much higher when trying to control unruly inmates.
(Augliere, 2015) Yes, I think inmates should be able to earn good-time credit. This encourages inmates to follow the rules inside of a prison, listen to what is being asked of them and would give them structure that they may bring with them once they are released. They would also be more likely to participate in any drug, education or other programs that are offered. Although, this is a controversial subject, I believe that the positives outweigh the

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