Disgrace In Oedipus

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In Oedipus and Jocasta’s family, there are people who died or lived with honor and some who died or still lived with disgrace to their name.

Two of the family died with honor. The first one, Eteocles. Eteocles dies in a war that his brother brought to the city of Thebes. He is honored because he was courageous and fought his brother without hesitating because he knew what he was doing was right. This illustrates that he died with honor because if he hadn’t killed his brother then he would get his city in danger because he would be letting a pursuer in his city. Secondly, he was a hero, a risk taker, and a determined person because he fought and died for the sake of his family and city. Eteocles didn’t wimp out and said something like “I’m
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The first one Polyneices, he had a reckless ambition because he wanted to invade the city of Thebes just because his brother died that he would rule Thebes. That is reckless ambition because he would let his city fall apart only to try and rule it. Just like destroying something because you did not receive the thing you wished. But unfortunatly for Polyneices he was Killed by his own brother how interesting, that was because his brother was on the city’s side while Polyneices was on the enemy’s side.So he then died dishonored.

Last but not least Ismene. she was Antigone’s sister and “Her partner in Crime” (according to Creon). She was a coward at the beginning for not helping Antigone give her brother his rights like when she said “Antigone, you are mad! What could I possibly do?” and she was scared also because of the law “Bury him! You have just said the new law forbids it. Also, But think of the danger! Think what Creon will do!” She was plainly and obviously a coward and that is what led to her disgrace. Fortunately at the middle(kind of at the end) of the script she was brave and decided to get punished with Antigone even if she didn’t do anything. For example when she said: “Yes, if she will let me say so. I am guilty.” Also, she replied to Creon when Antigone denied that what she have claimed to do, “But now I know what you meant; and I am here to join you, to take my
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