Disguise In Homer's Odyssey And As You Like It Analysis

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Jordan University Faculty of Foreign Languages Department of English Language and Literature The Role of Disguise in Homer 's "the Odyssey" and in Shakespeare 's "As You Like IT " By Amal Al-Qmool Writing Research, num Dr. Ra’ed Al-Ali Nov20, 2014 Abstract Disguise have been always used in literary works . such as The Odyssey by Homer and As You Like It by Shakespeare. Disguise plays an important role in these two works and without it the whole works would be completely different and would be not interesting to read it. There are many types of disguise and also there are different motives and aims for using it . This research is about disguise in homer’s Epic The Odyssey and…show more content…
. Also It will study how disguise helps to drive the plot of both works ( Odyssey and As You Like IT ) and to create turning points throughout the literary works, The Odyssey by Homer and As You Like It by Shakespeare. To make things clearer the term Disguise should be defined , to be in disguise means to pretends to be someone else by giving different appearance to hide the true identity .this term can be used not only physically by changing the appearance of someone , also by disguising the feeling and the intentions of someone. The main characters who disguised themselves in both works and that I will discuss in this research will be Athena and Odysseus in the Odyssey and Rosalind and Celia . The issue that I will emphasis is the idea of disguise in general and the physical disguise as a female disguised as a male . The changes in both appearance and attitude will put the characters in a challengeable situation to make different identity in order to create different atmospheres with different meanings to make the plot more interesting and favorable for the
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