Dishonest In Norvelt

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Some characters in “ dead end in Norvelt” are not very honest other a drop-dead honest. Bunny is a great example of an honest character. Miss Volker and Mr. Spizz, however, are dishonest.Bunny states the truth mean or nice.Spizz lies to the police and Miss Volker lied to Mr. Spizz. Bunny is one of the most honest characters in the book. She says whats on her mind even if it isn’t that nice.Bunny flat out tells Jack when he’s being weird or stupid. Bunny isn’t the nicest character in the book but she is very honest. Jack doesn’t always appreciate her honesty, Especially when she 's talking about him. They’re many dishonest people in this book like Jack, Miss Volker or Mr. Spizz. Mr. Spizz was the worst one because he lied to the police and
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