Dishonesty In The Digital Age Essay

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Dishonesty in the Digital Age As the way students do research evolves, so does the way that they plagiarize. As technology improves the way students plagiarize improves making it seem like it is not ethically wrong. There are many factors contributing to why students think cheating is morally correct as well as there are many factors that can be done or taught to help students realize why it is ethically wrong to plagiarize. Many students grow to have the mindset that keeping good grades as well as being involved in many school activities are some of the few actions that are going to help them become academically successful in the future. This adds pressure to the social expectations of a student having to balance a healthy social and academic…show more content…
Howard states that a way teachers can help students is by reviewing “... with students the values and precepts that are still valid in the era of literacy…” (66). If teachers taught students how to research accordingly, academic integrity would not have to be questioned. Teaching the value of writing to students will help make them understand why it is wrong to plagiarise because they will have an understanding of all the hard work that is put into effective research. Even though it’s seen as the enemy, technology can help students realize why plagiarism is wrong. With technology seen as a negative thing by many it has the capability to help students in a positive way. Bradley has done research on how’ “Computer simulations are an active, engaging, and efficient way of explicitly teaching students about plagiarism and how to avoid academic dishonesty” (242). By using what is seen as the problem in an uncustomary way to solve the problem proves that the internet can be a positive place. This proves that the way people, mainly students, use technology are the main reason as to why it is seen as an unfavorable

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