Indian Camp Hemingway

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The aim of this dissertation is an attempt to address the post-war disillusionment in Ernest Hemingway’s short stories. Emotional desolation is a nearly poetical term which encom-passes various different aspects, therefore it cannot be clearly defined. I has focused on the collapse of interpersonal relationships and analysed it on the grounds of both, parental rela-tions and those between a man and a woman. Another significant aspect of desolate human-ity is impaired sexuality which prevent people from establishing bonds and entering into fulfilling relationships. In Hemingway’s short stories great attention is paid to a matter of disillusionment, depression and existential difficulties. It is very probable that those are re-sults
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Additionally, “Indian Camp” is a story which describes events that has shaped Nick Adams, his attitude towards sexuality, violence, and also his father, who like a ghost will appear in his memories in many different stories. When the protagonist has entered adulthood, he faced with the atrocities of war. In “Now I Lay Me” he was desperately trying to stay alive and sane. There is also a very in-teresting dependence concerning changing attitudes towards death. In “Indian Camp”, Nick was convinced that he will never die. In “Now I Lay Me” he substantially encountered the presence of death and he felt that the soul tears his body to escape. Finally, in “Fathers and Sons” he somehow passed the knowledge about death to his son, thereby closing the cycle. In two remaining Nick Adams’ stories there are themes of loss, wounds, and recovery. In “In Another Country” a reader encounters the impression of greater sadness. The war was over but actually it was still there, hidden deeply in the mind of the protagonist. Another character from this short story, the Major, presented bravery with coping with his loss. There are both, the mentor and the young man, entering a violent world. Lastly, in “Big Two-Hearted River” Nick went fishing to forget war experiences and heal his mental and physical
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