Disillusionment In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Ever look back at something that you thought went one way but actually goes another? A big example of this trickery is the Mandela Effect, a long chain of topics that people used to remember happening a different way than what they are today. Some examples include the Berenstains Bears and Jiffy peanut butter, thought to be remembered as the Berensteins and Jif. People who have heard about this effect are flabbergasted by the truth. This is a widely talked about topic all about this idea of disillusionment. Disillusionment is disappointment in finding the truth; it can form false truths about people or things. Disillusionment can come as a shock in more than one person, causing them to question themselves. Ralph and Simon in the story the Lord of the Flies are great examples of this, as they and many other boys crash into a island which they first believe is paradise. Time goes on. Soon the boys find out how the island is changing them into savages, which scares them greatly. They desperately want to escape the island. Using Ralphs authoritativeness and Simons godly like presence, Golding inserts the idea of disillusionment that shapes their views on the environment.
The Lord of the Flies is a prime example of how
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Through disrupting Simon, then Ralph’s interpretation of Simon’s death, and lastly how the surroundings have changed as a result of the boys finding out their reality. Disillusionment is important to understand why their personalities and standpoints against the island have changed drastically throughout the story. People believe what they want to believe, and sometimes the truth is hard to take. The boys took on their instincts as boys, even if they made bad decisions, and even though they only acted on their instincts. Disillusionment sets the harsh truth: nothing is as it
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