Disillusionment In Ww2

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Prior to the beginning of World War II in 1939, its predecessor, World War I, inappropriately nicknamed ‘The War to End All Wars’, initiated in 1914. Today, if a war were to break out, then the destruction would be devastating, possibly flattening out the remainder of humanity. Consequently, however, with the eighteenth century technology available at the time of World War 1, it definitely seemed as if it would end all wars, correspondingly being one of the first times major countries allied together would have a conflict with other allied countries at this large of a scale. World War I was the result of multiple threats and advances to war from the alleged Central powers of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire against the forces…show more content…
However, even as impartial as the United States began, it officially entered the fray in 1917, three years after the fighting began with an almost unanimous decision for war in both the Senate and House of Congress, with the former being 82 to 6 and the latter, 373 to 50. President Woodrow Wilson had no choice in being involved in World War I after countless amounts of American deaths and German excuses. Dozens of U.S. ships and boats were damaged or even destroyed, even after Germany passed a law that outlawed any kind of violence directed towards ships, but regardless, they continued to attack ships and offer unsympathetic excuses. This in itself angered the Americans after Germans guaranteed them that all the destruction of ships with American passengers were ‘accidental and unintentional’. Three of the most infamous are the destruction of William P. Frye, a private American ship, the Lusitania, a British cruise ship, and the American cruise line, the Housatonic, all of which involved American casualties and ultimately, led the country into declaring war against Germany. Officially caught in a war between themselves and Germany, the United States sent 14,000 troops into France, marking the beginning of a lengthy battle between the Allies and the United States and the Central
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