Disney And Culture Case Study

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6.0 Business, Disney and culture. Edward Taylor defined culture as “that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and other capabilities acquired by man as a member for society (Hill 2007,p. 91). In spite of the way that there is no particular agreed upon definition, a large portion of the attempts to define culture share some combination of the components listed above in the definition by Edward Taylor. Understanding diverse cultures and adapting business operations to suit different cultures is vital part of International business expansion. According to David (2009, p. 7), “the failure to understand cultural differences can bear serious consequences”. In addition, knowledge for and appreciation of other cultures is…show more content…
Disney, as an extensive universal company, must try to completely comprehend the cultures of all the countries in which it resides and wishes to enter. There are two main components which will help an organization to determine cultures in a selected region: values and norms. (Hill 2007, p. 91). Cultural considerations are essential for a business on the off chance that they consider an international business expansion, it must first understand the values and norms of the selected country it wishes to expand to. If businesses overlook a country’s norms and values, the impacts can be exceptionally negative on the business as far as its revenue. Such negative effects can be seen when Disney built their theme park in Paris, ignoring their values and norms. For example, their no alcohol policy was soon reversed ‘in a country where a glass of wine was a glass of wine at lunch was a given’ (Barnett & Cavanagh 1994).The absence of understanding the French culture, showed by Disney had an extremely negative impact, to the point where the construction of the park was marked as ‘an assault on French

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