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3.2.2 INCENTIVE COMPENSATION EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Employee benefits include rewards that the company gives to its employees either by paying for it completely or by paying for a part of it. Employee benefits include health insurance, retirement plans and transport compensation. Euro Disney offers various benefits as an incentive to its employees for their well-being and professional fulfilment. Such benefits include:
• 80% of travel daily travel costs are reimbursed
• Temporary housing is offered to new employees
• Free access to the theme parks for the employees and their families
• Subsidised meals in the resorts restaurants
• Offers with official partners such as the Crédit Mutuel bank (Disneyland Paris, 2017) FLEXIBLE
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Training aids employees gain new essential skills which are needed in order to carry out their current job efficiently.
Apart from training, the Human resources development (HRD) invests on development programmes for its employees to prepare them for their future roles.
This is part of the Human resource planning, where the HRD team audits the current internal supply and assess the current workforce (example their education level, distribution and age), trend analysis is then done via advanced statistical models to predict the future demand and make plans to fill in the future supply gap. From training and development programs both the employer and the employee benefit. Such benefits include:
• Increase in productivity and efficiency
• Employees are empowered and team working improves
• Errors and accidents are reduced
• Innovation is
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Yet, the financial statements of the company still show significant losses, meaning that the financial status does not always correlated with the HRM practices. There are instances were companies such as Ryanair are experiencing growth even though they have bad HRM practices but their marketing campaigns are strong and there are those such as the Euro Disney company which are doing their outmost to have the best HRM practices and yet due to external factors beyond their control such as terrorism and global recession experience financial losses. Each company has risks due to such factor and it is important that management do risk assessment to reduce impact of these risks while HRM would constantly monitor its employees to detect any actions that need to be taken and to implement them

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