Disney Movies: A Brief Life Of Walt Disney

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Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse, Pluto and all there friends have always been well known Disney characters. When people think of them I’m sure they think of the happiest place on earth, Disney land. Would the entertainment industry even be where it is today without Mickey and Disneyland? On December 5, 1901 in Chicago, a boy with many dreams that would eventually change the world was born (Croce 91). He was the forth of five children. He had three older brothers Herbert, Raymond, Roy and one little sister named Ruth. After Walt was born they moved to Marceline, Missouri. Walt’s childhood wasn’t the best for a kid. They moved around a lot because his father never had a steady business. Walt and his brothers would help there father work for no pay. Walt’s Father would beat them daily to make sure the job got done the best way possible. His older brother Roy would comfort him telling him everything would be okay. Walt was only eight years old. The boys didn’t have much playing time because they were always doing chores but when they did they would play made-up games. With other free time available his became interested in art and drawing (Croce 92). He would draw farm animals with coal on a piece of toilet paper. He sold some drawing to his neighbors to make money because he…show more content…
His amusement park went from being named Disneylandia to Disneyland. On July 17, 1955, Disneyland opened. More than 30,000 people showed up and it was a disaster. Rides broke, there was a gas leak, power failures, and there were barely any water fountains. He spent days and nights for the next six months making sure everything was working right, and when everything eventually worked, that year Disney made 10 million and attracted three million guest. Walt bought 27,500 acres of land in Orlando, Florida on 1964 to duplicate his
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