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Case Study: Disneyland 1.Walter Disney has identified quite a few cultural characteristics that are unique to its Shanghai theme park visitors, or in other words, not shared by visitors to other Disney theme parks. Please name three of them, and elaborate how such cultural characteristics might cause operational problems if not properly addressed. Shanghai Disneyland. At a cost 5.5 billion represents the Walt Disney company's largest foreign investment to date. Three times the size of Hong Kong's Disneyland, but with a lodging capacity one third that of Paris's Disneyland, which on face value may seem a little odd, however, this reflects lessons Disney has learned and its understanding of the Chinese culture. CEO of Disney Bod Iger envisioned…show more content…
As a result, the majority travel on national holidays. This causes large peaks in attendance at the parks and increases wait times. During these peaks in attendance, Disney has implemented parades and performances to ease the burden on the rides as well as adding games, videos and robots to distract and entertain customers while they wait. I would also suggest a wireless system that allows you to reserve your place online, like those used in most restaurants, using some form of visual aid to help identify and avoid confusion,eg a specific coloured flashing light on a wrist band would represent your cue to head to the ride. 3. This article mentioned certain mistakes Walt Disney has made in its Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland theme parks. What are they? How well have these two theme parks fared financially since their respective openings? (You need to find data from external sources to answer the second part of this…show more content…
On the 12 of September 2005 Hong Kong Disneyland opened and was knocked as being too small which proved to be accurate since the park has experienced overcrowding problems, despite a poor start the Hong Kong Disneyland slowly made, was able to make a profit in 2012 and into 2014. Despite a high occupancy rate of 97% and high per capita spending , the park currently is at a record loss for the a second year at $171

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