Disney Female Discourse In Disney Belle's Beauty And The Beast

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As a young girl, I always and still do admire Belle for her intelligence, love for books and bravery in speaking her mind and most importantly, the decision of not changing herself for the world because world often changes. Unlike some of other Disney heroines, Belle’s defining characteristics made the Disney animated movie Beauty and the Beast as a tale old as time. This also leads to many studies on Disney Beauty and the Beast. In this section, I would be providing critical critiques on some of the studies. (Beauty and the Belles Discourses of Feminism and Femininity in Disneyland, Allison, 2002) critically analyzed Belle in a more general and brief historiography of the fairy tale. It uses a rather general feminist approach to do so. This paper critically analyzed Belle alongside with Snow White in terms of beauty, costume, psyche and the motherless similarities between the two Disney female characters. The representations of these women can be seen to replicate certain of the myths of femininity perpetuated in Disney fiction, including feistiness, tragedy, associations with mutant masculinity, and an unusual relation to maternity (Allison, 2002 page 135). However, the masculinity stated by the author was not further…show more content…
Collier-Meek, 2011) examined the gender role depictions of the prince and princess' characters. It focuses on their behavioral characteristics and climatic outcomes in the films using gender role approach. The female characters were categorized according to the typical feminist lens. In Beauty and the Beast the princess, Belle, was equally as brave, a traditionally masculine trait, as she was nurturing, a feminine one. The princess was more assertive and the prince was equally as sensitive as the princess (Dawn Elizabeth England & Lara Descartes &Melissa A. Collier-Meek, 2011; page 564). However, this statement leads to two
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