Disney Film Zootopia

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Michael Morales Prof. Park Writing 1 14 February 2017 Zootopia Essay Through history and time we searched for a place we could call utopia. A place where everything is perfect, all because of the people who inhabit it. Even when we believe we have found such a place unremarkable. We discover the truth that lurks across the streets. In the 2016 Disney film Zootopia, portrays the unruly truth about modern America and the ongoing dilemma about prejudice beliefs. Nonetheless, couched in the story of the growing fear and epidemic edema of predators mysterious going “savage” resulting in the hidden allegory of prejudice and discrimination. Which one wouldn’t suspect to interpret in a Disney movie directed solely for children. It is up to Judy…show more content…
The film zootopia, shows a small glimpse of the reality that discrimination treats om society like how it did to an ethnic group during earlier 1900s in united states. When privates business refused to render service to no white American. Instead, we are a similar situation where Judy would follow nick into an elephant ice cream shop. Where she would observe Nick being denied when try to buy jumbo pop for his son. During this scene we see nick get shoved for not backing down and wanting to leave. Instead of treating the situation as a professional business owner he instead verbally attacks Nick and his son saying, “Okay, come on, kid, back up. Listen, buddy, what? There aren 't any fox ice cream joints in your part of town?” Then following up with another rude gesture saying, “Can’t you read, fox? The sign says we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!”(Zootopia 19:09) These two comments can be taken in racial terms, compared how cities in 1800 were divided by train tracks being the border between both worlds. In the end, this whole conclusion would have been happening if Judy hadn’t developed a suspicious feeling about Nick for being a fox. Then later deciding to take action to confront him, while unclips the strap on the fox repellent. No completely knowing whether she will need to use it, but based on past feeling and environmental
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