Case Study Of Disney Infinity

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How has Disney Infinity used Transmedia Storytelling to expand their Brand Experience? Disney has been using transmedia for many decades now, and after releasing their latest video game platform Disney Infinity, they have proven once again that they are innovative players in the transmedia field. Through Disney Infinity, Disney shows how far the limits of transmedia can reach. In this essay I will be explaining what Disney Infinity is, what the Disney Infinity universe is and how it works to complement the separate franchise canonically and non-canonically. After this I will be introducing the reasons for how and why Disney Infinity was a success and helped Disney to be a strong influencer in the transmedia market platform. My final point will…show more content…
It has all your toys. You pull out your play sets. You just do whatever you want. To me, I also look at it as a tool chest for creativity that we 're giving everybody. What 's staggering is not what 's happening with it right now, but the potential of what 's going to happen in the future. When it gets out there in the hands of kids, and adults, of creative people and just getting off and rearing stuff and creating stories and juxtapositions that we can 't even imagine now, that 's what 's so exciting and I 've never seen that before in any game for this level of quality and aesthetic and beauty and fun.” This communicates the success of Disney Infinity as it shows that people are so intrigued and fascinated with the game and the transmedia universe they created, that the unlimited powers of transmedia storytelling for Disney is far from over. Disney Infinity does not only create a virtual universe in which the consumer can play the video game but it also allows people to collect the figurines which creates a physical belonging. Disney Infinity instils in these toys a strong sense of ownership, in-game and out. We can see that Disney knows that the quality of the action figures and the emotional value lures the consumer to collect them, especially if the characters have entered the pop culture lexicon. The figures are solidly constructed and extremely detailed. The success of Disney Infinity is due to many reasons, one reason would be the fact that Disney decided that rather than making the stand alone games, which tend to be costly not only to make but also to market, Disney decided to create a model from the “Skylanders” game. Disney has constructed Disney Infinity to make the consumer/player want to try other modes and purchase more figurines and play sets to unlock more content by having the consumer frequently find
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