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I am going to talk to you about my roller coaster. I named my roller coaster “The Disney Wonder.” My roller coaster will show previews of some of the ultimate most popular rides in Walt Disney World. I believe this roller coaster will be something not abounding designers have built. My roller coaster will be inside. It will also have animated walls and 3D objects to make it feel more like a virtual reality. With all things considered, there will be a narrator in the ride explaining everything. There will be countless twists, turns, and visual effects you won’t know where to look next! Ordinarily, I assume this ride could be a tremendous hit.

The roller coaster starts higher than the rest of the coaster. The car will move out of the station.
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Just like in Peter Pan’s Flight. You will have the opportunity to fly through Wendy’s home town. Or see Captain Hook fighting off the crocodile! Right after that, you will enjoy a little of a Muppet play. Disney is bounteous of those! In this part of the ride it will show you how much you need to go and watch one. The 3D plays are the best! You might get a little wet considering out of nowhere you are crashing down a hill like splash mountain! Then, you are thrown in the middle of a fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Let me just say, there is some true action going on. You might want to hold on tight. Finally, you escape the fight, to be found twisting through a colorful fog tunnel. That is a great piece of technology if you ask me. When you come out of the tunnel, you see the castle. It’s like you’re flying through the air. Disney music is playing, and fireworks are going Nevertheless, the ride is over and your time is recorded. Isn’t that a great way to finish a roller coaster? Furthermore, this is a great roller coaster everyone should ride. This is a great opportunity to see all the magic that happens at Walt Disney World. If I could chose one ride to ride, it would be the Disney Wonder. As a result, I see so much potential. With all the special effects, it will make this roller coaster truly
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