Disney Market Segmentation

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Disney kingdom was started by a person named Walter Disney in association with his brother who called Ray O Disney in 1923.
-In 1928, Disney came up with the idea of a mouse character named Mickey Mouse and starred in several Disney produced films.
In 1929, The character of mickey mouse featured on a children’s pencil tablet that were producing by a man who made a deal with Walt to get the right of mickey mouse on these tablets for 300 dollars. After the success of the tablet, more offers followed!
The first merchandising contract Disney engaged in was with George Borgfeldt & Company. The contract allowed the company to manufacture and sell “figures and toys of various materials, expressing design of comic Mice known as Minnie
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In the past four years they have been concentrating on geographic, demographic, and psychographic segmentation to locate their target market. How did they use geographic segmentation? By looking in to region of a country or the world, the market size which is, market density, or climate; that’s how they decided on the locations of Disney's theme parks such as Disneyland and Disney World which are strategically located in the world's most visited places such as, Europe, Japan, India, and of course the United States. On the other hand, they used demographic segmentation by aiming on age, gender, income, ethnic background, and family life cycle; by focusing on that it helped them determine where to place their chain stores called the Disney Store, where to distribute their movies, and even determines what kind of movie they should create next. Whereas for the psychographic segmentation, it is used based on personality, motives, lifestyles and geodemographic; through that this is will help Disney to determine who is going to buy more of their…show more content…
This strategy is when a firm decides to serve two or more exact market segments. Over the last four years, Disney intrigues people of all ages; whether it is a child, teen, or parent. For small children, it has its animation films, toys and other goods from their consumer products division, a segment on their channel called "Playhouse Disney," and many more. For older kids such as tweens and teens, it has the Disney Channel, Radio Disney, their live-action films, and much more. Disney's live-action films such as Pirates of the Caribbean attracts adults as well, in order to target adults Disney uses a "family approach." Disney theme parks were built for the whole family to enjoy and they do a fine job stressing that. If you pay close attention to their advertisements you will see that they are not always aimed for children, in fact they are aimed at the parents most of the time with little phrases such as "Let the Memories Begin" and "This is Where the Magic Happens." Even the animation films are made to please the parents, with their good morals and some jokes that are meant for the child not to understand. In addition, the Disney Store has its own Home Decor department which is intended to satisfy the parents' wants as well as their children's, while the child is browsing through the toys, the parent is browsing through the Home Decor section.
As you can see Disney does not
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